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For just anyone visiting this small town of Darjeeling in India, Compuset Centre will surely come across as a delightful surprise and a pleasant experience. In a place where it had been almost impossible to have even imagined about the internet just a year ago Compuset Centre now proudly presents what it has in its store.

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With a well reputed experience and a wide knowledge of Desk Top Publishing, computer designing and lasersetting we design magazines, newsletters, leaflets and also four-colour designs. We offer the choice of scripts in English, Devnagiri, Tibetan and Bengali.
Compuset Centre’s efficient internet and email service will put you instantly in touch with your loved ones, as it has been doing ever since its first operation with instant and continuing success.

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In web page designing Compuset Centre proudly claims to be a confident entree into this cyber world market.

Darjeeling Along with our usual internet services, we at Compuset Centre is proud to make it possible for Darjeeling to open up its quaint attractions with a lingering effect of the orient to the world. Planning your holiday to Darjeeling and Sikkim now becomes even more easy through our website which will definitely be of great help with its listing of important addresses and reliable connections to get in touch with.
Darjeeling with its view of the snow clad Himalayas, especially the breathtaking Kanchenjunga range and a wide variety of adventures varying from a local sightseeing trip to trekking in the mountains or visiting exotic Tibetan monasteries, enjoying a joy ride in the Toy Train now comes before the world through our website, . Darjeeling tea, also known as "the Champagne of the East" renowned worldwide for its unique brew and aromatic flavour now stands within your reach. We are also proud to present the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (Toy Train) and the exotic Himalayan plants and seeds of Darjeeling to the world through our website.

Yes! we offer all this and much more  to all the enthusiasts of Darjeeling !!

Compuset Centre
14 Gandhi Road
Darjeeling - 734101
West Bengal, INDIA
Phone : 91-354-2256901
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